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Fly to Teach: The teach abroad blog!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The brand-new blog - dedicated to international job-seekers, expats and the curious

Hello. My name is Joe and I set up Fly to Teach as a freelance recruiter and school teacher, with five years of experience teaching abroad in Asia. I thought I'd try my hand at writing as well.

The dynamic metropolitan city of Shanghai, China. A popular destination for expats and Chinese workers alike.


The blog will cover lifestyle and travel, as well as information relating to job-searching issues or visa processes that are of interest to prospective teachers abroad. It will eventually feature more topical and international posts that inform, inspire and entertain those wishing to move abroad and those who already live away from their home countries.

The future

Just a brief post this one. I aspire for the blog to be accessible, interesting, and relevant and become one where people can contribute if they so wish. For enquiries relating to job-searching issues, blog suggestions or contributions, or business enquiries, I am open to emails at my usual email address ( Thank you for reading and I hope you stick around to read more.

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