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Fly To Teach Founder

Hello / 你好

My name is Joe Lillington. I'm a fully qualified primary school teacher (PGCE with QTS) who lived in China and Thailand for 5 years, teaching children in various cities, villages, and everything in between. Now I'm working in the U.K. to help people get hired in their dream locations halfway across the world.

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The Fly to Teach Story

During my time working as an Academic Manager in China, I was responsible for recruiting and hiring teachers. I explored job boards, liaised with agents, interviewed hundreds of teachers, and explored many online databases. This was something I particularly enjoyed about the job, and I saw a gap in the market for support for job hunters based in the U.K. It is not easy to decide to leave your country for the first time, with no real idea of the experiences or work that lies ahead. When I moved back to the U.K., it was time to set up Fly to Teach.

With the contacts I made while in China, I have managed to reach thousands of schools, directly and through various agents, who are looking for teachers nationwide. The COVID pandemic was a painful time to start the service, but there has been success after the pandemic. China is recruiting from abroad as usual. Currently, I am expanding and am looking to work with schools all over the world who are interested in hiring teachers internationally.


If you have any enquires or business opportunities you can email me here.

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